Excess of Loss


Construction and non-Construction trades/businesses sought.

Ship Repairers and Aviation Products are a decline. Risks with substantial North American products or medical/personal care exposure, Tobacco, Asbestos Handling/Removal, Demolition, Airside, Manufacture of safety critical components, Oil, Gas, Nuclear or Offshore are not target.


  • Minimum varies by nature of risk, primary premium/LOI and excess LOI required. Absolute minimum £250. No maximum

Main Limits

  • Public/Products Liability, Financial Loss, 6.5.1, from £1M/£1M to £20M/£20M.
  • Employer’s Liability, £50M

Cover Available

  • Public/Products Liability
  • Financial Loss (extension to Public/Products Liability only)
  • 6.5.1
  • Employer’s Liability