Contractors Liability and All Risks


  • EL up to £20M
  • PL up to £10M
  • CAR £10M including Plant

Builders, ground workers (including light civils, tarmac, asphalt, paving, utilities) and plant hire are target as are the usual ‘vanilla’ trades. Project risks are also sought.

Risks with existing structure and/or high levels of BFSC can be accommodated. ‘High risk’ trades of Hot Roofing, Scaffolding, Demolition, Steel Erection and Heavy Civils can be considered, as can Basement Excavation, only if exceptionally good risks of the type with good claims experience. Risks with substantial exposure to timber frame construction are a problem. Asbestos removal is a (liability) decline.



Contractors Combined

Sections available

Contractors All Risks, Terrorism, Employer’s Liability, Public/Products Liability, Non-negligent Liability (6.5.1), Media Management Crisis Costs

Note: EL not usually available in isolation, Plant & Hired-in Plant not available without Works.

Main Limits

  • Depth limit 10 meters

Contractors All Risks

Main Limits

  • Contract Works – LOI optional to £10M, Automatic depth limit 10 meters (variable on application)
  • Employees Tools – LOI optional
  • Own Plant – LOI optional, max item limit £500K
  • Hired in Plant – LOI optional to £500K

Features available

  • Escalation 25%
  • Maximum Contract Period 12 months (up to 24 available)
  • Maximum Maintenance Period 18 months
  • Speculative Development – 210 days, includes part exchange & non resi.
  • Transit includes Ro/RO ferry
  • Cessation of works extended period 90 days
  • Detonation of munitions clause
  • 72 hour excess clause
  • Defects exclusion DE4 as standard, DE5 with DE4 dropdown available
  • Defective Design Value (break-out costs
  • Existing Structure available
  • Additional Construction Costs clause
  • Expediting Expenses clause
  • Fly Tipping clause
  • New Activities/Entities inclusion clause
  • Show Homes & Contents clause
  • Non-vitiation clause
  • Replacement of Locks
  • Overload Testing
  • Multiple Lift
  • Hire with Waiver available
  • Incidental Hire
  • Replacement Hire Costs
  • Available (12 month, renewable)

Employer’s Liability

Main Limit

  • Standard limit £10M, excess of loss separately available.

Features available

  • Corporate Manslaughter

Public & Products Liability

Main Limits

  • Public Liability – optional to £10M,
  • Products Liability – optional to £10M (aggregate limit 2 x Public Liability LOI)
  • Excess of loss separately available

Features available

  • No height or depth limits
  • Asbestos Accidental Discovery
  • Corporate Manslaughter
  • Unintentional Advertising Injury
  • Legionella
  • ‘Bartoline’
  • Financial Loss (Tort)
  • Cyber Liability
  • CPA Contract Lift
  • BFSC LOI limit requirement £1M
  • Inadvertent Failure (BFSC check)
  • Part Product (available)

Non-negligent Liability (6.5.1)

Main Limit

  • Optional to £10M, excess of loss separately available

Media Management Crisis Costs

Main Limit

  • £100K (available)